The benefits of offshore portfolio management

Offshore portfolio management refers to investing in a diversified portfolio of assets in a jurisdiction that is outside your home country. An offshore portfolio can allow you to save for your retirement and other personal financial goals, while reducing potential future tax burdens and other costs. An offshore retirement strategy can provide you with tax benefits, control of your investments and global portability.

Benefits of Offshore Investing

  • Tax Efficiencies – Offshore jurisdictions can provide you with significant tax benefits now and in the future
  • Asset Protection – Offshore portfolio management strategies can protect your assets by transferring ownership offshore.
  • Distribution of Assets – Offshore portfolio management can allow you to efficiently distribute your assets to living family members and other beneficiaries
  • Portfolio Diversification – As an expat, the world of investment opportunities becomes much more diverse. Not only can you invest in international markets, but also create exposure to a wide range of currencies
  • Consolidation of Assets – With the right offshore portfolio, you can consolidate your global assets, avoid excess fees and simplify your investments
  • Retirement Savings – An offshore investment strategy can allow you to save and invest for your retirement in a tax-efficient manner

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