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Australian Expatriate Group recognises that Australian expats require specialist financial advice and as such, our services are designed with exactly this in mind. As holistic, fee-based financial advisers, we will work with all of our new clients to identify exactly which areas we can assist with, whether this be setting up life insurance policies or designing a strategic plan to reach financial independence. Our team has significant experience and qualifications in the Australian financial advice industry and, as such has the necessary skills to ensure that you make the most of your time offshore.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of selecting the proportions of your investment portfolio that will be invested in each of the main asset classes. This includes equities, listed property, fixed income suchas bonds, and cash.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

Asset allocation accounts for over 80% of your portfolio’s overall returns. Simply put, greater attention should be placed on your asset allocation than any other single factor to do with your investments.

Global Portability

As an expatriate, it is vital that any savings and investment strategy that you adopt be flexible. Whether you're relocated with work, or decide to live elsewhere, your financial strategies can remain on track.

Giving You Flexibility

As an expatriate, you will be accustomed to changes in your life, highlighting the importance of flexibility with your financial strategies. Our team at Australian Expatriate Group ensures that all savings and investments are flexible.

Disciplined Savings

As an expatriate in Asia, chances are you are earning a higher disposable income allowing you to save higher amounts on a regular basis. By saving regularly, you can achieve your financial goals much faster.

Automate to Accumulate

By automating your savings to achieve your financial goals, you can achieve a dollar-cost averaging approach to investment, providing you with greater long-term investment returns.

Portfolio Re-Balancing

Our team at Australian Expatriate Group works with clients to continue to review their investment portfolios on a regular basis. This ensures that portfolios can be re-balanced to ensure that risk levels remain appropriate.

Holistic Portfolio Management

It is important to diversify your portfolio across asset classes and re-balance on a regular basis. Our team at Australian Expatriate Group have the expertise and experience across asset classes to provide sound advice.

Our Key Savings & Investment Services

Offshore Investment - Australian Expatriate Group - Fee-Based Financial Advice for Australian Expats in Singapore

Offshore Investing

Offshore portfolio management refers to investing in a diversified portfolio of assets in a jurisdiction that is outside your home country. An offshore portfolio can allow you to save for your retirement and other personal financial goals, while reducing potential future tax burdens and other costs.

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Savings Strategies - Australian Expatriate Group - Fee-Based Financial Advice for Australian Expats in Singapore

Savings Strategies

As an expat working in Singapore, it is likely that your disposable income on a monthly basis is higher than it was when you were working in Australia, or elsewhere, allowing you to save and invest more. The key question is – “Are you making the most of this opportunity, financially?”.

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