Repatriate your wealth to Australia the smart way

For many Australians living in Singapore and elsewhere in the region, their stay in Singapore will not be a permanent one and returning to Australia will be part of the plan. When you repatriate to Australia, there are a number of important considerations that can have substantial benefits if they are considered, and potential consequences if they’re ignored. A key example is making sure that your investments remain as tax efficient as possible when you become an Australian tax resident again.


Australian Expatriate Group works with clients to develop a checklist to repatriate to Australia in a financially beneficial manner. Our Advisers work with you to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible, and that you have access to the right information and expertise to ensure a seamless transition back home.

The Australian Repatriation Checklist

  • Superannuation – How should you be using your superannuation when you return to Australia?
  • Offshore Assets – Should you keep your offshore assets or bring them back to Australia?
  • Tax Residence – When should you become an Australian tax resident again and what are the implications?
  • Will & Guardianship – What are the implications for your Will, Guardianship documents when you return to Australia?
  • Taxable Income – How can you legally reduce your taxable income as an Australian resident?
  • Loans – What are the impacts of repatriation on your existing home loans?

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