International health insurance for while you’re living abroad

International Health Insurance is designed to cover your health and medical expenses while you’re living abroad. As an expat, it’s important that you have the right health insurance policy covering you overseas. Medical expenes such as outpatient care, dental care, maternity, emergency evacuations, ambulance transportation or other costs can add up quickly so it’s important to be certain you’re protected before an unforeseen event occurs.

The cost of treatment in private hospitals in Singapore is on average S$1,800 – S$3,700 per day

Why You Need International Health Insurance

  • Worldwide Cover – It can provide you with medical cover across the globe wherever you travel
  • No Network Restrictions – Flexibility to utilise a range of healthcare and medical providers
  • Family Cover – Protection from unforeseen events for you and your family
  • Avoid Unnecessary Delays – With the right medical cover, you can avoid unnecessary waiting times and delays
  • Avoid Financial Distress – Without the right cover, medical expenses can add up quickly disrupting your long-term goals
  • Ongoing Care – Receive the follow-up care that you need without additional financial burden

Pre and Post-Hospitalisation care in Singapore on average costs more than $50,000

Case Study – The Case for Global Health Insurance

Health Insurance Case Study - Australian Expatriate Group - Fee-Based Financial Advice for Australian Expats in Singapore

The Situation

Steve has recently moved from Sydney to Singapore and has started playing Australian Rules Football here. As a new expat in Singapore, he’s making the most of the lifestyle, making new friends and settling into his new job. Steve met with us to review his current health insurance and ensure that he had adequate cover should anything happen to him while he’s living in Singapore.

The Solution

We reviewed Steve’s current health insurance policy and found that he would not have adequate cover while living in Singapore. We therefore helped him to replace this policy and ensure that he could be covered for ambulance and any treatments that might result from playing football in particular. By reviewing a range of health insurers, we were able to find a competitive premium and ensure Steve had the right cover.


Unfortunately during one of Steve’s football matches, while taking a mark, he landed awkwardly and damaged his knee. After the game, his knee swelled and the pain increased. He quickly called his health insurance provider and was provided with the recommendations of a number of surgeons to speak with. He was also provided with relevant information about possible treatments by the insurance specialist. After surgery and a treatment period of 6 weeks, Steve’s medical expenses of $11,300 were covered by his health insurance provider. His insurance premium is just $2,300 per annum.

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