Protect yourself with critical illness insurance

Critical Illness Insurance, otherwise known as Trauma Cover, provides a lump sum payment should you be diagnosed with a critical illness. The payouts occur regardless of whether the critical illness affects your ability to work. The news of such an unforeseen illness can be painful enough without having the additional burden of not being able to afford treatment or to meet your family’s ongoing living expenses.

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Why You Need Critical Illness Insurance

  • It is generally inflation protected ensuring that you continue to have the right level of cover in place
  • It covers you from an extensive list of up to 30 critical illnesses
  • Avoid unnecessary disruptions to your savings and retirement goals
  • Over 60% of critical illness survivors are expected to live beyond a further 5 years
  • It is 6 times more likely that a claim will be made for your critical illness policy than life insurance
  • Provides you with the flexibility to pay off debts should the unforeseen diagnosis occur

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Case Study – Critical Illness Insurance Protecting Your Family

Critical Illness Insurance Case Study - Australian Expatriate Group - Financial Advice for Australian Expats

The Situation

John and Susan Smith are married and have recently had their first child. They both now wish to ensure that they have the right level of personal insurance in place should either of them suffer from an unforeseen illness or disability. They want to know that their child and partner would be cared for and could still achieve their financial goals in the event of a diagnosis of cancer or another critical illness.

The Solution

As their adviser, we worked with John and Susan to put the right level of early-stage critical illness insurance in place to ensure that they would be paid promptly in the event of such a diagnosis. Reviewing their expenses and current balance sheet, we were able to assess exactly how much critical illness cover they required and assist them in implementing this cover.


Sadly, Susan was diagnosed with cancer at age 46 and was not able to work. As planned, the critical illness policy paid out the sum assured and John was able to take time out of work to look after Susan while she underwent treatment. On a positive note, Susan defeated the cancer and was able to return to work. The critical illness policy in this case saw them through the difficult and expensive treatment period and without this, it’s unlikely they would have been able to meet their expenses.

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