About Australian Expatriate Group

Australian Expatriate Group is a specialist division of Global Financial Consultants formed to provide Australian Expatriates in Singapore and the region with the specialist financial advice that they require. We have specialist training and expertise in areas including superannuation and retirement planning, savings strategies, wealth protection strategies, estate planning and will considerations and offshore portfolio management. As an Australian expat, it’s important that you receive the right financial advice while offshore and ensure a seamless repatriation of your assets when you return.

Australian Qualified

Our Advisers have the relevant Australian qualifications and knowledge to ensure that as an Austalian expat, you receive the right advice and the right time.

Australian & Offshore Knowledge

As Australian qualified financial advisers, we are constantly updating our knowledge and training on Australian financial products and information. This separates us from the rest and ensures you receive the right advice from a qualified adviser.

Australian Experienced

All of the Australian Expatriate Group advisers have years of experience working across Australia. This provides our team with the local knowledge and expertise that benefits our clients.

Specialist Training & Expertise

Our Advisers have worked across Australia with a diverse range of professionals from C-level executives with multi-national companies to medical, legal and accounting professionals running their own practices.

Repatriation Services

With our partnerships in Australia, our team can ensure that our clients continue to receive high quality service and ongoing advice upon their return to Australia.

Ensuring Your Seamless Reurn

When you return to Australia, there are a range of important considerations. This includes how you return your assets, use the benefits of your superannuation and ensure your finances are structured correctly in the new tax environment.

Australian Expatriate Group is a specialist division of Global Financial Consultants Pte Ltd. Global Financial Consultants is an expatriate financial advisory firm based in Singapore providing expert financial advice to expatriates and locals in Singapore and throughout the region.

Working with Australian Expatriate Group

Our clients at Australian Expatriate Group remain with us from when they start accumulating their wealth, through to reaching their goals of achieving financial independence and drawing their retirement income. Outlined below are some of the key reasons our clients choose to work with us:

All fees and remuneration is completely disclosed and agreed upon with all of our clients to ensure that nothing is hidden and there are no conflicts of interests.
All advisers with Australian Expatriate Group have many years of experience working in the industry with a wide range of clients in Australia. We also ensure that we continue to update our skills and knowledge on Australian financial information to ensure our clients are kept informed.
Australian Expatriate Group has partnerships with Australian-based, licensed financial advisers, which ensures that our clients with Australian-based assets can receive holistic advice and repatriate seamlessly when the time comes.
About Australian Expatriate Group - Trusted Fee-Based Financial Advice for Australian Expats in Singapore

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