“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

 – Benjamin Franklin

With an abundance of information now at our fingertips, what are the best personal finance books and sources of information for Aussie expats..?

Our schools remain behind in providing adequate personal finance education, so it’s up to us to seek out relevant and useful information where we can. Below we’ve highlighted our 8 top personal finance books that every Aussie expat should read.

1. ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ – George S. Clason

A simple yet powerful story set in Ancient Babylon that will build the right financial foundation for you. This book will teach you the basics of cash flow management and looking after your household finances. A very easy read and well worthwhile.

2. ‘Armchair Guide to Property Investing’ – Ben Kingsley & Bryce Holdaway

Whether you’re an experienced property investor or looking to get started, Ben and Bryce have a wealth of experience and advice to share. This book will teach you the basics of getting started in building your property portfolio, managing your properties, structuring the finance and other key lessons in building a passive income from property investment.

3. ‘Money – Master the Game’ – Tony Robbins

While this book is largely centred on strategies for US citizens and those living and working in America, it provides some excellent insights on investing, managed funds, hedge funds and some very worthwhile interviews that will build your investment knowledge base. This is particularly useful for Aussie expats considering how and where to build their wealth while working offshore.

4. ‘The Intelligent Investor’ – Benjamin Graham

One of the most widely acclaimed value investing books of all time. This book was first published in 1949 by Benjamin Graham and outlines the strategies implemented by Warren Buffett in creating his investment success. This book will teach you the detail of analysing stocks for investment purposes and how to create investment strategies to build your own stock portfolios.

5. ‘Security Analysis’ – Benjamin Graham & David Dodd

For anybody who’s seen the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, this is the book that Will Smith reads religiously to learn everything he can about stocks and how to analyse them. This is a far more detailed read than the Intelligent Investor, but for anyone with a particular interest in investing in shares, we would highly recommend it. It will teach you how to analysis corporate events, security valuations, dividends and other key areas of stock investing.

6. ‘The Big Short’ – Michael Lewis

A book so popular that they created a movie from it. Michael Lewis is one of our favourite authors and this book is no exception. An excellent read and insight into the world of subprime home loans and what caused the financial crisis. For anyone with an interest in financial markets, or simply wanting to learn more about the drivers behind the financial crisis, this is an excellent read.

7. ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad – Cashflow Quadrant’ – Robert Kyosaki

For anybody looking to start their own business, or even looking to run a ‘side venture’ to supplement your full-time job, this is an excellent read. A common sense guide to cash flow for business that will ensure you go through life with the right financial mindset.

8. ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ – Thomas Stanley

While this book is based on the personalities and behaviours of millionaires in the US, the lessons apply to Australian expats and individuals worldwide. The book identifies seven key behaviours that you should consider adopting if your aim is to become wealthy. It’s far less about Sunday brunches in Sentosa and more about raising children who don’t realise how wealthy their family is.